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Ensure New Discussion Tool Hint Is Fully Translated
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T293962 introduces a hint within the New Discussion Tool.

This task involves the work with ensuring the language within the "hint" has been translated into the languages used at the wikis where the "hint" will initially be deployed.

Participating wikis

These are the projects participating in the New Discussion Tool A/B test (T291306) where the "hint" will first be deployed.

IDWikiCodeHint Translation
1.Amharic Wikipediaamwiki⚠️Not completed
2.Bengali Wikipediabnwiki
3.Chinese Wikipediazhwiki
4.Dutch Wikipedianlwiki
5.Egyptian Wikipediaarzwiki⚠️Not completed
6.French Wikipediafrwiki
7.Hebrew Wikipediahewiki
8.Hindi Wikipediahiwiki⚠️Not completed
9.Indonesia Wikipediaidwiki
10.Italian Wikipediaitwiki
11.Japanese Wikipediajawiki
12.Korean Wikipediakowiki⚠️Not completed
13.Oromo Wikipediaomwiki⚠️Not completed
14.Persian Wikipediafawiki
15.Polish Wikipediaplwiki
16.Portuguese Wikipediaptwiki⚠️Not completed
17.Spanish Wikipediaeswiki
18.Thai Wikipediathwiki⚠️Not completed
19.Ukrainian Wikipediaukwiki
20.Vietnamese Wikipediaviwiki


  • Verify the New Discussion Tool Hint (T293962) has been translated into the native languages used at each of the project listed in the ===Participating wikis section above

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Translation status...

Translations for,, and were completed since @matmarex checked last.

ppelberg claimed this task.
ppelberg updated the task description. (Show Details)

Marking this as resolved as most translations have been completed.

We assume the rest of the strings will be translated as people equipped to do the translating encounter these strings as they go about their [translate] wiki work.