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Improve VisualEditor workflow for updating Wikidata values on Wikipedia articles that use {{Wikidata}}
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Currently, when someone opens VisualEditor on a Wikipedia article that draws information from Wikidata using {{Wikidata}}, clicking on the value displays this:

Wikidata VE dialog box.png (152×560 px, 15 KB)

Someone who clicks the edit button is presented with this:
Wikidata VE dialog box 2.png (612×632 px, 28 KB)

For an editor looking to simply update the information, this is likely extremely confusing. They will expect that the edit button will allow them to edit the value, but they are instead presented with the underlying, very opaque structure, and there's not even a link to the Wikidata item that hosts the value. If they are determined, they may just replace {{Wikidata}} with the updated value, not realizing they just severed the connection to the centralized data repository and that this may harm future updates.

{{Wikidata}} is the central link between Wikidata and Wikipedia, and as it's used more and more, it's essential that we improve the workflow for it in VisualEditor. Ideally, this would involve allowing updates to Wikidata to be made directly from Wikipedia, but at the very least, there should be a clear link to the relevant statement of the article's Wikidata item (similar to {{EditAtWikidata}}). TemplateData in its current implementation is unequipped to meaningfully help with this, so developer work is needed.

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It looks like the template on English Wikipedia needs to have Template Data added like other templates that work well with the Visual Editor:

@Lydia_Pintscher, I added a TemplateData description after creating this ticket, but it's impossible to do more than that until T54582 is resolved (and even that might not be enough—it's a very complicated template). And even if the TemplateData was perfect, there'd still be no link that'd allow someone who clicks on a value to actually update it, which is what they're presumably trying to do.

Thanks for the additional background.