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Purge expired blocks older than 90 days
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From T293263: [SPIKE] Investigate getting number of past block for IP (including IP ranges) [8H]

Since the current intention is to delay the purge for 90 days, there's no need to revisit the schema of the ipblocks table.

This task should only be done after T297185: [SPIKE] Identify areas affected by delaying purging of blocks by X days [8H] and any tickets it spawns (ie. when we're sure we won't introduce side effects by doing this).

Tagging @TThoabala @AGueyte @phuedx @Tchanders who were involved in the original spike in case they have more insight than me. From what I can tell, maintenance/purgeExpiredBlocks.php runs a single function:

	public function execute() {
		$this->output( "Purging expired blocks...\n" );


		$this->output( "Done purging expired blocks.\n" );

which is defined in includes/block/DatabaseBlockStore.php:

	 * Delete expired blocks from the ipblocks table
	 * @internal only public for use in DatabaseBlock
	public function purgeExpiredBlocks() {
		if ( $this->readOnlyMode->isReadOnly() ) {

		$dbw = $this->loadBalancer->getConnectionRef( DB_PRIMARY );
		$blockRestrictionStore = $this->blockRestrictionStore;

		DeferredUpdates::addUpdate( new AutoCommitUpdate(
			static function ( IDatabase $dbw, $fname ) use ( $blockRestrictionStore ) {
				$ids = $dbw->selectFieldValues(
					[ 'ipb_expiry < ' . $dbw->addQuotes( $dbw->timestamp() ) ],
				if ( $ids ) {
					$blockRestrictionStore->deleteByBlockId( $ids );
					$dbw->delete( 'ipblocks', [ 'ipb_id' => $ids ], $fname );
		) );

afaik you'd need to update [ 'ipb_expiry < ' . $dbw->addQuotes( $dbw->timestamp() ) ], to reflect the 90 day delay. As a bonus, you could also confirm that the script runs regularly (daily?) as expected. Presumably it does, as we regularly purge blocks, but I don't know anything about that.


  • block purges are delayed by 90 days after expiry
  • confirm maintenance script runs regularly as expected

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Presumably it does, as we regularly purge blocks, but I don't know anything about that.

Expired blocks are purged after a new one is inserted. See this line in \MediaWiki\Block\DatabaseBlockStore::insertBlock().

Niharika changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Apr 10 2023, 2:35 PM

@Prtksxna and I talked about this. Based on @Tchanders' recommendation on T297185#7620278, it seems wise to put this on hold as a possible future improvement.