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Repeated messages about Talk page changes which have already been checked.
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Author: thor.malmjursson

This is the email received today, clearly notable from the headers enclosed

Hi. This issue has now occurred twice, at least to myself, and I'm not sure if it's happened to anyone else, but here's the situation:

On the 18th of February, a user (Diego Grez) changed my talk page at, and I received an email about said change, viewed the diff and promptly deleted the email.

Today (28th of February), about one and a half hours ago, I received a second email from the system, informing me that Diego Grez had changed my talk page, on the 18th of February, detailing the same edit that he'd made 10 days ago, and he's not been back since.

The first time I had this, was in the early part of the year, and I brushed it aside as a one off after speaking to #wikimedia-tech. This being a repeat occurrence, figured it was best to report it to you. I've attached a copy of the email so you can see the issue.

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attachment emailwithheaders.txt ignored as private



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thor.malmjursson wrote:

Correction: It was about 3 hours ago, didn't have my glasses on when I read the time :) Received the email at 6.39pm UTC

The content of attachment 8228 has been deleted by

Reedy <>

who provided the following reason:


The token used to delete this attachment was generated at 2011-02-28 22:06:42 UTC.

thor.malmjursson wrote:

Munged version of Att 8228, Copy of email showing headers as noted in the bug

replacement for the attachment deleted after a cockup by myself.


Right. This is very likely to be related to the stuck job queue

So you might get some more duplicate. As to why they've duplicating, I'm not sure... Unless jobs haven't been popped from the jobqueue, and get reprocessed...

Created attachment 8231
Another instance of the duplicate; on my acct.

I think I had the same problem yesterday --- my enwikinews talk page was changed [1] on 21 Feb, and, yesterday (28th), I received the e-mail. Other edits to my talk page since the 21st have triggered e-mails successfully without any delay.

I don't think the e-mail was sent on the 21st and that the 28th e-mail was a duplicate (but one never knows with the way my POP3 settings are working).



thor.malmjursson wrote:

Screenshot from Hotmail showing multiple email

And it's done it again, I'm afraid. Another instance, this time in spades. MediaWiki Mail sent me *5* of the same message this morning at 6:41AM, telling me that exactly the same edit had occurred once, on the 25th of February, and a 6th from Commons about an edit which occurred *4* days ago (4th March). I don't know what's causing this, but I hope it gets fixed :)


This is probably because e-mail jobs got stuck behind heavy jobs at first (and weren't executed at all when the job runners were all halted because they'd broken, of course), so now that the runners are back up and prioritizing e-mail jobs, a lot of the backlog will be flushed through fairly rapidly. As a consequence, people will get some old e-mails, but that's a temporary glitch.

Job runners are back to working.