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Prepare ResourceLoader for Google Chrome userAgent deprecation
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Google Chrome is changing the way it shares user-agents for increased privacy of users. Chrome released the Client Hints API to provide device information for some areas where userAgent has been deprecated. This first release “is intended to allow for developers to experiment and provide feedback” (see parent task for more information).

Acceptance Criteria:

  • Check if ResourceLoader will be impacted by the userAgent string deprecation
  • Make the required updates for continued functionality (if any)

Event Timeline

I believe ResourceLoader will not be affected by this change, at least not in the short term. Google's proposal involves Chrome freezing its UA string (including the version number) starting with some future version of Chrome. ResourceLoader does UA sniffing for some browser compatibility things, but only for relatively old browsers. The frozen UA string would only be a problem once we start needing to do UA sniffing for post-freeze versions of Chrome, but 1) at this point those versions haven't been released yet; 2) once they are released, other ways of detecting their version number will be available, and we'll use those instead; 3) barring weird bugs, it'll take a while before those versions are old enough that their behavior is so archaic that we need to specifically work around it.