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Account for Wikisource Licenses In Licenses Object
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While Wikisource is technically licensed under CC-BY-SA along with many other Wikimedia projects, the content within Wikisource pages often carry other licenses.

For example: on the page for The Life of the Spider, we see two licenses present, both of which are relevant to the reuse of the content. This screenshot shows where the two licenses are present.

Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 4.30.13 PM.png (620×2 px, 200 KB)

Ideally, we'd like to have all of these licenses represented in the json for the page to identify the licenses that are affecting the content within the HTML/Wikitext. A sample of this, for this object would be:

licenses: [
    name: "Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0 Unported",
    identifier: "CC-BY-SA-3.0" ,
    url: ""
    name: ''Public Domain Mark",
    identifier: "Public Domain",
    url: "",

Todo on this ticket -

  • Work with WMF legal team to find correct way to annotate Public Domain work.
  • Discover how to programmatically call the domain of a work within a wikisource page.

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