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Abusefilter warnings do not always appear when using reply tool
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List of steps to reproduce (step by step, including full links if applicable):

  • An edit is made with reply tool that triggers the abusefilter in Warn mode

What happens?:

  • The page "goes gray", then the user can hit reply again to continue.

What should have happened instead?:

  • The abuse filter warning should display

Software version (if not a Wikimedia wiki), browser information, screenshots, other information, etc:
Reported on enwiki by @DougWeller - see for more details

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I was not able to replicate this myself.

Do you consistently see them when editing using the normal wikitext editor, or visual editor?

Note that abuse filter warnings are just based on time – once you've seen a specific warning once, you won't see it again for a while (I don't remember how long). They don't "track" your current editor or editing session. Maybe you've just seen them recently in another editor, and that's why they don't appear again.

Aklapper renamed this task from Abusefilter warnings are not alwasys appearing when using reply tool to Abusefilter warnings do not always appear when using reply tool.Dec 23 2021, 6:43 PM

AIUI, the actual bug here is the page going gray instead of displaying a warning message. The warning only appearing once is how the warnings are supposed to work.

Also, this is not AF-specific -- if AF warnings aren't shown, then no kind of errors are probably shown, including TB, SB, etc.

@matmarex - in the cases where the reporter says they did not get a warning, it was logged as such - and required them to re-commit the save.

So that's why the gray. Thanks.

That's not my experience. The first time it happened to me I hadn't given
one for a while.

Thanks for the replies, I have a few more questions:

  1. What do you actually mean by the page going gray? The striped loading animation after clicking "Reply" (see below), or something else?
    image.png (561×2 px, 55 KB)
  1. Does this only occur for AbuseFilter warnings, or also other kinds of messages (e.g. AbuseFilter errors, SpamBlacklist errors?)
  1. If would be very helpful if you could provide a screenshot, or video, of what you're seeing. You can upload images and short videos (there's a file size limit) here on Phabricator, by copy-pasting them into the comment text field, or by clicking on the toolbar.

For what it's worth, I have tested on my own talk page, and got the warning as expected:

image.png (2×3 px, 340 KB)

The reply button goes gray as does the striped loading animation. That
always happens when I click on reply, the difference being that if it's
actually a reply it still goes through after the delay, if it's a DS alert
I have to click on reply again.
Another interesting thing. I just replied to someone and the result was
that they had made another comment at the same time and my reply ended up
being to their second comment, and as my reply said I agreed with them it
appeared to be a reply to their second comment.
I have no idea how to do a video, and although I often do copies of screens
or parts of screens with an OCR tool, I'm not sure how to do a screen shot
and capture it. I probably used to know before I got the tool I use.

@DougWeller I can't help regarding video, but on en.wp there are instructions for screenshots at (if you are sharing the image here (phabricator) you don't need to worry about the licensing template or uploading to Commons, just click the upload file button (up arrow on what I think is meant to be a cloud?) in the toolbar once you've saved your screenshot.

Of course. It's fast enough. So I add a topic and see
[image: image.png]
Then when I click to publish it
[image: image.png]
No warning to check anything.

image.png (1×1 px, 315 KB)

image.png (1×1 px, 253 KB)

I no longer see the animation bars, but the basic problem persists.

@DougWeller It might seem silly, but… can you try logging out and then logging back in, and then test this again? I've had a look at the code that controls whether AbuseFilter warnings are shown, and its behavior is connected to your current login session. Perhaps something got stuck in a bad state or something.

@matmarex Done. Click on new topic,, type in manually the template for the alert, hit "add new topic", see the animation bars and then without anything intervening it's posted.

@matmarex Done. Click on new topic,, type in manually the template for the alert, hit "add new topic", see the animation bars and then without anything intervening it's posted.

@DougWeller: we appreciate you continuing to help us try to reproduce/debug the issue you are experiencing.

Considering we have not yet been able to reproduce this issue [i], I'm going to remove this ticket as blocking T296645. I recognize you continuing to experience this issue is not ideal. Tho, it's difficult for us to solve an issue we ourselves have not yet been able to reproduce.

i. I just tried reproducing this issue with both the Reply and New Discussion Tools:

ToolLink to Video RecordingDiff
New Discussion Tool
Reply Tool