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Request for creation: Wikibase.Cloud users mailing list
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Please create a mailman mailing list with the following settings:

  • List name:
  • Reasoning/explanation of purpose: This is a mailing list for the community of users of Wikibase.Cloud, a new addition to the Wikibase ecosystem launching soon
  • Initial list administrator's email address:
  • Secondary list administrator's email address: and
  • Description of the list for the list info page - Wikibase.Cloud

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Would "wikibase-cloud@" be OK?

Would "wikibase-cloud@" be OK?


Ladsgroup claimed this task.
Ladsgroup added a subscriber: Ladsgroup.


Note that I created it as "discussion mode public mailing list" (similar to wikidata, etc.) if you want a private mailing list, let me know or change the settings yourself.