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DjVu thumbnails not displayed on Wikisource
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Hi,,_1923,_trad._Jank%C3%A9l%C3%A9vitch.djvu was undeleted this night, as it is now in the public domain. The thumbnails are not visible here,_1923,_trad._Jank%C3%A9l%C3%A9vitch.djvu , however it worked 3 years ago, before the file was deleted.

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Identical as T193200
Also a recent and similar reports T297942 and T290462

Exact same issue T298417

Umherirrender added a subscriber: Umherirrender.

When looking with the api[1] on the metadata there is an error attribute.

"pages": {
    "11297913": {
        "pageid": 11297913,
        "ns": 6,
        "title": "File:Freud - Introduction \u00e0 la psychanalyse, 1923, trad. Jank\u00e9l\u00e9vitch.djvu",
        "imagerepository": "local",
        "imageinfo": [
                "metadata": [
                        "name": "_error",
                        "value": "<?xml version=\"1.0\" ?>\n<!DOCTYPE DjVuXML PUBLIC \"-//W3C//DTD DjVuXML 1.1//EN\" \"pubtext/DjVuXML-s.dtd\">\n<mw-djvu><DjVuXML>\n<HEAD></HEAD>\n<BODY><OBJECT 

With T275268 the metadata for big files (like djvu) are splitted to be stored. The maintenance script (RefreshImageMetadata.php) to do the split on the database is only running for the visible images.
As written in the task description the file was undeleted and needs to split to be "repaired".


I don't why, but it seems OK now.

it seems that "renaming" the file on Commons, then on wikisource, solves the problem : as if it was resetting the connection... - I already noticed that on other books imported on frwikisource and also eowikisource...

However, I hope the problem that causes this is found and solved, as it is very disturbing for contributors who cannot act on renaming and/or deleting/recreating the index page on wikisource...

-> purge does nothing / blank edit does nothing / emptying the cache does nothing...

exactly the same problem happened tonight with [[:File:Baillehache - Souvenirs intimes d'un lancier de la Garde impériale.djvu ]] that was restored because it shouldn't have been erased (the book is PD-old-100-expired, but the initial uploader put wrong licence template)....

again, impossible to display the file, and to get it on wikisource (,_1894.djvu ), even after renaming -- which had solved the previous problems on Freud files...

please also see T299754