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WS OCR: should act on the OSD content, not the image element content
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Depending on your perspective, this could be a bug report or feature request.

Currently, the OCR is generated from the original image set by the server (as stored in the <img> element.

If the current content of the OSD viewer is different, this will not be OCRed, even though it is what the user is looking at.

Things to consider:

  • OSD can have multiple images: which one gets OCRed? Maybe the first?
  • If the new image doesn't come from the Wikimedia image domain, it will be rejected by the backend

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There's a little mistake into issue's description. the problem is, that tool reads content of <img> element when it is built, and it doesn't read again the content of <img> tag when it is shot. One from it.wikisource tools changes dynamically <img> content (take a look to "eis", edit in sequence, gadget to understand why it happens), it successfully uploads the new image into canvas, but it can't change image's url into ocr tool.
I think that fiuxing the issue should be very easy: what is needed is simply to read again <img> current content when the tool is clicked.