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Request to enable XFF headers for wikiwho VPS project
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Enable XFF headers for and

This is part of the WikiWho migration (T288840). The old installation at has IP-based throttling. We believe that Gesis, the maintainers of the old installation, are going to advertise our installation once it's pronounced production-ready. Thus, we can expect to have a lot of outside traffic. In the spirit of the free knowledge movement, we'd like to support these consumers. With that we also want to ensure stability by throttling access by IP in the same way the old installation does.

In case you were wondering, currently serves as a proxy to Once we're ready, will be changed to point to the wikiwho-api instance and the old proxy instance will be deleted. In the meantime, we would like to test the throttling works under our temporary hostname at, hence why we're asking for two hostnames to be added to the XFF headers allow list.