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Create and implement `android_user_state` schema to track Android user state
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Create new MEP schema which takes a once daily poll of user settings, a 'user state'. Values tracked are:

  • setting_source: description: > Where in app UI is setting originated. Example: settings_menu, feed, toolbar.
  • setting_type: description: > What is the setting that is being tracked. Example: language, explore_feed, link_preview
  • setting_subtype: description: > What is the second-layer setting that is being tracked. Example: font_size_change, theme_change
  • current_value:: description: > Value of setting at time of polling event. Example: enable, disable, 8.0, light, sepia, dark, black, sans-serif, serif
  • languages: description: > Setting value for type language.
  • inbox_count: description: > Cumulative count of notifications in user inbox, incremented once daily.
  • device_level_enabled: description: > User has device level notifications enabled

This follows a plan to consolidate the following Legacy user property schemas into one schema that tracks user property changes over time:


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Sharvani is back!

Does breadcrumbs cover everything you need? If so lets close this

We are able to get the same datasets described in the scope of this schema plan from android_breadcrumbs_event schema so this schema is no longer needed.