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A Few Books from HT
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Trying to fill out the major authors and these are the books that are only available on HT.

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In progress for download.

In future:

  • If you have multiple worksheets, please make sure the one you mean is the first in the file
  • Check author names:
    • "Ford Madox Ford." -> "Ford Madox Ford" (that dot will trip up all the links)
    • "The Catholic Church And Conversion" -> "G. K. Chesterton"
  • All of these authors are not US authors:
    • Huxley died in 1963, so this is not PD in the UK, so it's a Wikisource local file: set to_ws to yes and provide no_commons_reason and no_commons_until
    • In general you must not use {{PD-US}} for non-US works (this isn't as simple as "New York" on the title page → US work: if it's an British author, it's better to consider it a non-US work unless you do the homework to provide it is definitely not). If you do not do this, and I don't do it for you, I get a visit from the DR fairy. I can upload to Wikisource just as easily in the first place, but handling an image transfer and DR is a big pain.
    • For any non-US work, the correct license for when it's based on death year/publication year is PD-old-auto-expired and provide the deathyear (one day this will be automated for Wikidata authors specified as Q-ids, but must be given for now).

I know it's a pain to gather these details and check, but until all this data is on Wikidata, there's not much we can do about it (and even then, someone has to check the data to get it into WD). I will have much, much less time for WS soon, so this kind of thing is going to result in un-actioned uploads.

Also, by the way (and this is my fault for not updating the instructions sooner): the filename field is now optional and if omitted you'll get Title - Surname - Year.

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Should be done now ^_^

Thank you. I'll keep your notes in time. Congratulations on having less time soon. :)