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Cleanup WMDE-TechWish tools
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There are some tools in the realm of WMDE-TechWish that might be deprecated and we should probably clean that up following Toolforge (Tools to be deleted). Let's find out which ones we still need and get rid of the leftovers. I'll start with a list of tools, that I'm an admin on.

  • taim-bot ( I guess this can go away since, we're post-taim )
  • technischewuensche ( ok, we're activly using this one. so out of question )
  • twl17 ( I think the was succeeded by technischewuensche and could go away )
  • wikidiff2-dev-test ( deleted ) T305376: Archive/delete tool wikidiff2-dev-test
  • wmde-reference-previews ( We're at least miss-using this occasionally to test things. We might want to stop that and find a distinct tool for that stuff. - Not sure if it's still needed/linked for ref preview demos though. )

The whole catgraph should be sunsetted. See also T243543: Archive DeepCat and CatGraph related code and boards

  • catgraph ( deleted )
  • catgraph-jsonp ( deleted )
  • cgstat ( deleted )

T305374: Archive/delete tools catgraph, catgraph-jsonp & cgstat

There are even more tools I'm a maintainer at that could probably be deleted but they are out of scope for WMDE-TechWish