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Stop logging errors in analytics schema
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From comment in T238945: Newcomer tasks: log error details:

Prioritization aside, there is a proper JS error logging infrastructure now, so eventually errors should probably be logged there and not into our analytics schema.

An example can be found in ext.growthExperiments.Homepage.Mobile.js

api.getExtraDataFromPcs( taskPreviewData ).then( function ( task ) {
}, function ( jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown ) {
    // Error loading the task
    if ( shouldLog ) {
        homepageModuleLogger.log( 'suggested-edits', 'mobile-summary', 'se-task-pseudo-impression',
            { type: 'error', errorMessage: textStatus + ' ' + errorThrown } );
} );

What's the goal of tracking se-task-pseudo-impression as analytics data? Could we completely remove this kind of event form the analytics schema?

Event Timeline

Pseudo-impressions are tasks cards shown to the user which are not actual tasks - the "0 results" card, the error card and the "end of queue" card.