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Move translatable page for Maryana's Listening Tour on Meta-wiki
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Would someone be so kind as to help us with moving a translatable page on Meta-wiki that has over 500 subpages?

We want to move the page Wikimedia Foundation Chief Executive Officer/Maryana’s Listening Tour to the new name of Wikimedia Foundation Chief Executive Officer/Maryana’s Listening Tour/Overview

We want to keep the translations and talk page in tact.

NOTE: We want to time this work with an update she'll be sending out. If possible, could this be done around 1900 UTC on Jan 13th? It would be much appreciated.

Please and thank you.

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Urbanecm added a subscriber: Urbanecm.

Hello Chris! We can certainly make this happen at the time you specified. I have two notes/questions here

  • Moving a translatable page does not preserve redirects. If they're needed, you (or someone else from your team) will need to take care of them manually
  • What does "keep talk page in tact" mean exactly please? Are you saying we should move the talk page, or should keep it where it is?

Thanks @Urbanecm.

  • I'll take care of the redirects. No problem.
  • Ah, sorry for not being more clear (and for the misspelling of intact!). Please do move the talk page.

Thanks for the clarifications! Calendar reminder set :).