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Build Activity list for Edit History
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As the designs for Edit History is being built there are some technical tasks that can be created without designs, this task serves as one of them.

The Task

Create the Activity List page of Edit history with the list of revisions shown newest to oldest.

User Story

As a Wikipedia Android app user I want to see the revision history of a Wikipedia page natively, so that I don't have to leave the app or go into web view to know what edits were made recently to the page I am interested in reading.

Design (Figma)

Edit history.png (1×720 px, 98 KB)

The revision history home screen features:

  • A visual representation of how the article has been edited in the past few months or weeks. Please sync with the iOS engineers on the technical specs as it should be consistent.
  • A search bar that lets users roughly search a the revision history
  • A filter button/icon in the search bar that lets users filter their edits
  • Date titles (from Watchlist view)
  • Card design (from Watchlist view) that show:
    • The edit summary
    • Edit time
    • Amount of characters/Bytes added/removed
    • The username, which should trigger a bottom sheet with a link to the users profile or talk page
  • Tapping a card item takes users to the diff view (edit detail screen)