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Add functionality to see statistics of native Android Wikipedia pages
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As the designs for Edit History is being built there are some technical tasks that can be created without designs, this task serves as one of them.

The Task
Add functionality that allows users to see stats about the article edits. Particularly stats reagarding:

  • Total # of Edits made on the article
  • The date the article was created
  • # of user edits (non bots and non anon)
  • # of anon edits
  • # of bot edits

User Story
As a Wikipedia Android app user, I want to know edit statistics about a Wikipedia page natively, so that I can gain an understanding of the maturity of the page and how many people were and are involved in maintaining it.

Temporary Example
Below is a screenshot of the iOS native edit history. Robin will provide more concrete designs, but this task is only to expose the statistics named. @JTannerWMF is placing in an example screen.

IMG_2552.PNG (2×1 px, 436 KB)

Event Timeline

JTannerWMF renamed this task from - Add functionality to see user edits, anon edits, and bot edits, as well as when the article was created and the number of edits since it was created to Add functionality to see statistics of native Android Wikipedia pages.Thu, Jan 13, 11:43 PM