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[SPIKE] Decide what abandon changes dialogs are shown in what contexts
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T299270 caused the Editing Team to start thinking about when the browser's Leave site? dialog is shown [i], when VE's Are you sure? dialog is shown [ii], and how each dialog behaves in each of these moments it appears within.

This task takes this line of inquiry a step further and asks us to express an opinion about whether any changes ought to be made to how these two dialogs currently behave in order to ensure people have an accurate understanding of when the changes they've made will be saved and when they will not be saved.

Audit of Current Experience

Browser Dialog

ContextCurrent Behavior*

*Read: what happens when people click Leave?

OOUI Dialog

ContextCurrent Behavior**

**Read: what happens when people click Discard ____?

Revised Experience


  • The === Audit of Current Experience section is completed
  • The === Revised Experience section contains the changes we will implement to when each dialog is shown and how they behave. Note: it's possible we will NOT want to implement any changes.


Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 6.50.48 PM.png (516×614 px, 170 KB)

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