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Implement automated testing for core editing functionality
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This task represents the work involved with implementing automated tests within Visual Editor's code base.

We think doing the above will relieve the Editing Team, and others who are making changes to Visual Editor and its related code, from having to wonder / worry whether the patches they are writing could prevent people from opening the editor and/or publish the change(s) they have made.


Currently, we depend on manual testing to detect breakage in core editing functionality.

This approach – manually checking core editing functionality – can have the following impact:

  1. It increases the likelihood that code could get deployed that prevents people from editing the wikis
  2. It can slow down the development process by increasing the number of things someone writing code has to think about/review before being confident merging said code
  3. It takes away time QA could be using to test functionality that cannot be handled automatically



  • Editing Interfaces: Visual Editor, Discussion Tools (Reply Tool, New Discussion Tool), 2017 WTE
  • Platforms: Mobile and Desktop

⚠️ A provisional list...

  • Open editor
  • Editor is ready for input/changes
  • Add content to the document
  • Remove content from the "document"
  • Publish changes made to the "document"

Open questions

  • 1. What "Functionality" do we define as "core" in this context?
  • 2. Of the "Functionality" we define as "core," what parts can be tested automatically?


  • Instances where core editing functionality broke:

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