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Request increased quota for integration Cloud VPS project
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Project Name: integration
Type of quota increase requested: flavor with more disk

The integration project primarily uses g2.cores8.ram24.disk80.4xiops flavor. g2 flavors are deprecated and no more available when booting a new instance. It also seem we want to move toward using ephemeral disk instead of one big device.

integration has g3.cores8.ram24.disk20.ephemeral40.4xiops which is not enough to fit the CI workload, we would need 60G ephemeral disk.

Additionally last week I had the g2.cores8.ram24.disk80.4xiops tweaked to allow IO burst (T299211). I don't know whether the quota tweak has been applied to all 4xiops flavors or just to that one.

TLDR request is for a g3.cores8.ram24.disk20.ephemeral60.4xiops with 60G ephemeral disk and the io burst quota tuning to allow bursts:

aggregate_instance_extra_specs:ceph='true', quota:disk_read_iops_sec='20000', quota:disk_total_bytes_sec='800000000', quota:disk_write_iops_sec='2000', quota:disk_write_iops_sec_max='6000', quota:disk_write_iops_sec_max_length='10'


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aborrero@cloudcontrol1005:~ $ sudo wmcs-openstack flavor create --ram 24576 --vcpus 8 --project integration --disk 20 --ephemeral 60 --private --property "aggregate_instance_extra_specs:ceph=true" --property "quota:disk_read_iops_sec=20000" --property "quota:disk_total_bytes_sec=800000000" --property "quota:disk_write_iops_sec=2000" --property "quota:disk_write_iops_sec_max=6000" --property " quota:disk_write_iops_sec_max_length=10" g3.cores8.ram24.disk20.ephemeral60.4xiops
| id                         | 7455701f-42bf-469c-9362-703eded22dc0  

Please reopen if you find any problem.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2022-01-26T14:17:53Z] <arturo> created flavor g3.cores8.ram24.disk20.ephemeral60.4xiops T299704

Thank you very much, specially for the flavor create full commands which confirms all io rate limits are in place \o/

It was tedious to type, so I figured I would save it somewhere :-P

How nice would be to define this on a yaml file on a git repository. And quotas.