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[Qualitative] Evaluate usability improvements' impact on Junior Contributors
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Topic Containers (T269950), Clearer Talking Affordances (T255560 + T267444), and Page Frame (T269963) are all interventions designed to – in part – help Junior Contributors instinctively recognize and use talk pages to communicate with other volunteers.

This task involves the work with validating the extent to which these interventions have been successful by conducting a set of usability tests that compare how Junior Contributors understand and engage with existing talk pages and talk pages with the set of Usability Improvements enabled.

Open question(s)

  • 1. Will we conduct new usability tests to evaluate the overall qualitative impact of the Talk Pages Project improvements? Will we compare the results from existing usability tests (e.g. T293520) to arrive at this impact? Will we do something else entirely (e.g. a diary study)?