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i button clipped in RTL Minerva on Special:Log
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What is the problem?

On Special:Log, the (i) button is slightly clipped on the left side. This only happens in Minerva with RTL languages which use the (i) button. For example, hewiki.

I have seen this most noticeably on Firefox. It is also on Chrome but not for every log entry. I did not see it on Safari 14.

The zoom level also seems to be a factor. On Firefox, the clipping more-or-less disappears at 120% or more (but not so with Chrome).

It does not happen on any other page or in LTR languages.

It does not happen in arwiki because it uses a different icon.

Steps to reproduce problem
  1. Login as an admin user with access to IPInfo
  2. (Optional) Block an IP address (go to Special:Block)
  3. Go to Special:Log/block?uselang=he&useskin=minerva (e.g.

Expected behavior: (i) button appears fine.
Observed behavior: See screenshot.


Browser: Firefox 91, Chrome 97
Wiki(s): IP Info 0.0.0 (905b4b1) 07:14, 21 January 2022.



clipping_he_log.png (44×424 px, 6 KB)

Chrome (notice clipping on the first line but not the second):

clipping_he_log_chrome.png (93×394 px, 10 KB)

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Hi @Prtksxna

Should we close this ticket has this ticket has changed the purpose.
And if so, is there a new ticket to open following the mentioned change?

Thank you!

Thanks for raising this @AGueyte! I'm still working on a resolution for T301938: IPInfo: Use infoFilled for the popup button. Since there is a possibility of reverting back to the old icon let's keep this one open for now. I'll make sure to update this once we make progress on the icon.

We're reverting back to the old icon (T306041: Use 'info' icon for the popup button) and so this task might be applicable again.