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Unblocking a user with a space in their name does not work
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When unblocking a user, the User text field is automatically filled with the user's name. However, for whitespace the field uses underscores. This causes an "Block ID not found. It may have been unblocked already" error when attempting to unblock. Replacing the underscores with whitespace fixes the problem.

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replace reviewer jelto with wmf-sre-collab grouprepos/sre/miscweb/research-landing-page!15jeltoreplace-jelto-readmemaster
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use timestamp in image tagrepos/sre/miscweb/transparencyreport!2jeltouse-timestamp-tagsmaster
allow annualreport on trusted runnersrepos/releng/gitlab-trusted-runner!22jeltoadd-miscweb-annualreportmain
Add Ci image build and publishrepos/sre/miscweb/annualreport!2jeltoci-image-buildmaster
add blubber image build for annual report sitesrepos/sre/miscweb/annualreport!1jeltoblubber-buildmaster
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Fixed in r83798. If this is a regression, that needs to be backported (probably safest to do it anyway).