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inputbox with type=commenttitle and page=Special:MyPage loses the input comment heading
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Author: lars


With the combination above, where Special:MyPage redirects to the user's own page, the text entered into the box does not appear as preloadtitle= in the resulting the URL and thus doesn't show up as the heading for the new message/comment. With page=User:LA2 it works just fine, but now I wanted to create an inputbox that adds a new section to the user's own page, not LA2's user page. Other parameters, such as preload= and editintro= are passed through just fine.

This was tested on in March 2011.

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unassigned Trevor from Inputbox extension.

vivekee047 wrote:

(In reply to comment #0)
Special Pages *cannot* be edited.But Special:MyPage will redirect us to the current users page(which can be edited).When we use above InputBoxForm for editing Special:MyPage , it redirects us to another link by a *302* error.During this process the value of preloadtitle is lost.

SpecialMypage in SpecialPage.php (core) has a list of "allowedRedirectParams" which contains "preload", but not "preloadtitle".

Adding "preloadtitle" to the list of SpecialMypage and SpecialMytalk would fix this.

vivekee047 wrote:

Proposed Fix of the bug

Added preloadtitle in allowedparaters list of SpecialMyPage and SpecialMyTalk
I guess we have to add few more parameters in the allowedparameters of specialmypage and specialmytalk..which may be causing few more problems somewhere else


applied r112967. Thank you for the patch.