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[wmf19] Recent changes - "Mark as patrolled" action doesn't trigger update
Open, Needs TriagePublic


The issue was reported here

Steps to reproduce

  1. On Recent changes select Unpatrolled filter - the list of unpatrolled edits will be presented.
  2. Click on one of the results to open in a separate tab and mark an edit as patrolled.
  3. The Recent changes results won't refresh - the list of unpatrolled changes will display the recently patrolled edit as unpatrolled.


  • If RC page is manually refreshed, the records will be updated correctly.
  • Having Live updates on or off does not have any effect.
  • marking pages (not page edits) as patrolled works as expected - the RC records will be updated promptly

Event Timeline

The recent changes feed updates on new edits and log events, not necessarily other things. I suppose having mostly-realtime patrol status could be quite useful to patrollers. The component is not actively developed at the moment, though.