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Research impact of talk page banners on people who are new
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At the English Wikipedia, and to a lesser extent at other wikis, people looking at a talk page are first faced with a large volume of coffeeroll-colored informational boxes. Theoretically, this helps people participate in an informed way. In practice, it may be actively unhelpful, especially when the banners fill the entire screen, so that newcomers may not see even the table of contents, much less any of the discussions.

This is a request for user testing on:

  1. what, if anything, editors (new and old) believe is useful about talk page banners.
  2. what, if anything, editors (new and old) actually learned from reading them.
  3. anything else that might help experienced editors decide how the user experience could be improved.

Please share the findings with the English Wikipedia (and any other relevant communities), including any recommendations they should consider implementing.

See also: T283529: Talk Page Legibility Explorations for user testing on the parts of the page after this top matter.

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We first need to be sure that our users see talk pages messages, which is far from being proven. Fixing a banner wouldn't be useful if we find that people don't see them. :)

@Trizek-WMF, it sounds like we need another Phab task.

ppelberg renamed this task from Enwiki talk pages have a lot of messages at the top. Is that helpful, or is that clutter? to Research impact of talk page banners on people who are new .Apr 12 2022, 10:04 PM