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Migration of mentor dashboard settings module to Vue
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As mentioned in parent task T297763: Migration of Mentor dashboard modules to Vue this component is a good candidate for the modernization towards Vue since it doesn't have server-side rendering.

The module is currently using dialog interfaces for various features so it makes sense to do it after T306047: Add Dialog component to Codex is done in Codex. The rest of needed components are already available: (Button, Select)

Event Timeline

Codex has a Lookup component as well (not sure how similar it is to the component here with the same name).

The Design Systems Team is currently looking for candidates to help test early versions of Codex (T300280) as we prepare for an Alpha release (T299138). This project may be a good one to add to the list.

offtopic: @egardner NearbyPages has passed performance review so might be a good candidate: T300595
I should have space for a team technical goal opening up if this is helpful. Let me know on that ticket!