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Collection extension should let users to add pages using [[Special:Book]]
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Currently, the page [[Special:Book]] has the following options:

  • Create chapter
  • Sort alphabetically
  • Clear book

It should also have the option

  • Insert page to chapter

Without this option, the user has to:

  • Leave the [[Special:Book]] page;
  • Go to the [[existing page]] he wants;
  • Click on "Add this page to your book";
  • Go back to [[Special:Book]]; and then
  • Define the correct position of the page in the list of pages of the collection.

The user shouldn't need to do all these steps just for adding a page whose name he already know.

It would be better if [[Special:Book]] could provide the user the option to insert a page to the the chapter he is working on. The interface could be just as that used to "create a chapter".

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Severity: enhancement



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