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Extension:CodeMirror incompatibility with, breaks Extension:LinkSuggest
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MediaWiki-extensions-CodeMirror is incompatible with MediaWiki-extensions-LinkSuggest.

When using Extension:CodeMirror, Extension:LinkSuggest no longer works. Links are no longer suggested when typing by LinkSuggest.


LinkSuggest only works on a plain textarea, which CodeMirror is not using. task T95100 is the bug for implementing an autocompletion freature on CodeMirror

This bug report is probably as per T95100#7666796 not a duplicate of feature request T95100.

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LinkSuggest should use the jquery.textSelection API. If it works on the textarea directly, it can and will and is expected to break icw. CodeMirror and any other customised editor, like wikiEditor 2017, and various other syntax highlighting scripts.

This is not a CodeMirror issue.