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SecurePoll should support setting time for vote start and end
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In "Вибори до Правління ГО «Вікімедіа Україна» 2021" vote ( ) in 2021 we have successfully managed to use SecurePoll with vote duration lasting hours.

Unfortunately the UI to create a new election only supports creating votes that last for days, as it has a date picker rather than a time picker. This applies to both the frontend and backend parts of this form.

In 2021, we have achieved hours duration by having a staff member directly edit the timestamp in the database. As we want to continue using the extension, either on votewiki or elsewhere for the same purpose, we need to make it possible to configure the extension in the UI.

In other words, as an election admin I want to be able to set election's start and end date *and time*, as opposed to just date in the UI.

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Change 760068 had a related patch set uploaded (by Base; author: Base):

[mediawiki/extensions/SecurePoll@master] Allowed to specify time on Special:SecurePoll/create & edit

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[mediawiki/extensions/SecurePoll@master] Allowed to specify time on Special:SecurePoll/create & edit

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