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Does account-creation-assistance really need NFS?
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We're starting the process of moving project NFS off of a central server and into project-specific fileservers. Before I start that, I want to determine which projects really use NFS.

Account-creation-assistance popped up as one of a few projects who use very little space on NFS and/or haven't written to NFS for many months.

Is it possible that we can eliminate your use of NFS entirely? Keep in mind that Cinder is now available for persistent (but not shared) storage as a self-serve option; in many cases this should be a reasonable replacement for some of the things people use NFS for.

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We basically only use NFS as storage for database backups now as an off-instance recovery option. I think we shouldn't be using much space, but we should be writing to NFS daily at the moment, rotating around a few files.

I'm guessing Cinder is equally-or-more reliable and protected against data loss than NFS is? If things were to go pear-shaped, I don't want to lose both an instance and the data on NFS/Cinder/etc. If that's the case, I'm happy to move over to Cinder instead.

What units are your timelines for this measured in? I'm fairly snowed under with stuff at the moment, so while I may be able to find time to look at this in a few days, a few weeks is more promising for me.

These are good questions!

  • The future of NFS is to be hosted on cinder, so the reliability should be roughly the same between the two. The only difference is that NFS is probably a little more inclined to go crazy and mess with things.
  • I'll be moving things over the course of the next few weeks; I can certainly move your project to the end of the queue. The engineering work to move your load to Cinder should be pretty trivial, assuming you only access it from a single VM.

I think I've moved our backup system over to a new 1GB Cinder volume. I'm going to let it run for a bit in parallel with the backup to NFS and double-check it's all fine.

I'm fairly sure everything other than the backups isn't used, so I've moved everything else into a subdirectory as a scream test in case I'm wrong.

That sounds great! I'll check back in a week if you don't follow up first :)

Hello, I'm checking in :) Can I remove your NFS mounts now?

Yes, I believe so.

I forgot entirely about this, but I've just checked that the new cinder
volume appears to be working well enough, so I think we're good.

Great! I will disconnect things but will not delete your existing files for a while yet :)

Change 765339 had a related patch set uploaded (by Andrew Bogott; author: Andrew Bogott):

[operations/puppet@production] nfs-mounts: remove account-creation-assistance project

Change 765339 merged by Andrew Bogott:

[operations/puppet@production] nfs-mounts: remove account-creation-assistance project