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Does the cloud-vps Video project need NFS?
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We're starting the process of moving project NFS off of a central server and into project-specific fileservers. Before I start that, I want to determine which projects really use NFS.

'Video' popped up as one of a few projects who use very little space on NFS and/or haven't written to NFS for many months.

Is it possible that we can eliminate your use of NFS entirely? IIRC you have moved most (all?) of your file storage to cinder.

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I've moved this project to a project-local nfs server, video-nfs-1.

It might still be useful for you to move off of nfs entirely if you don't use the shared filesystem, but in the meantime you should be all set. Let me know if you find bad behavior in $home or /data/project; otherwise you shouldn't need to do any special maintenance here.