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Create the Greek Wikinews
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Author: chanel5

The Language Committee and the WMF Board approve the creation of the Greek Wikinews.

  • Language code: '''el'''
  • Site: ''''''
  • Logo (135x155px PNG image; a derivative from a decent SVG image):
  • Project name ("Wikinews" in native language): '''Βικινέα'''
  • The name of the project namespace (usually the same as the previous): '''Βικινέα'''
  • The name of the project talk namespace (something like "Wikinews talk" in your language): '''Βικινέα_συζήτηση'''
  • Default project timezone, if not UTC (something like: CET (UTC+1)): '''UTC+2'''

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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jeluf wrote:

Where is this template coming from? The timezones should not be given as "UTC+1" as in the example, since this config wouldn't follow DST. I assume this should be "Europe/Athens", correct?

Gerard.meijssen wrote:

Yes, that would be "Europe/Athens".


Next step: please see
to get the content moved to your project, before creating new content. Good luck!

Looks like the export/import is in progress: see
so when that page indicates the import is complete you should be good to go.