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Logged in users can flag problematic stories
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For wikistories that violate policies, a mechanism that allows logged in users to choose and tag problematic stories needs to be in place. This will allow tagging stories based on issues/ adding categories against stories.

Details of categorisation TBD

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  • Figure out if there is already a page that lists out problematic articles on the target wiki that we could integrate into.
  • Could we use tags to make problematic stories stand out on RecentChanges?
  • Otherwise, we can consider building a special page specifically for reviewing stories.

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I am really worried about this feature -- reader-empowered flagging of content always creates a backlog that overwhelms editing communities and destroys the balance of priorities for the community's backlogs : if you aren't signed in and participating as an editor and are empowered to create "feedback" without experience in the community's curation process the quality of the feedback is almost always poor.

@Sadads, thanks for your feedback. That makes sense. I've been thinking of this feature mostly from the technical perspective of being able to categorize stories to track the work needed on them (for example: outdated text, low-res image, etc). Right now, only logged in users can edit stories so only they could edit categories. That's already some level of filtering. Happy to hear your thoughts about this.

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