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Allocate new cabs for WMCS in rows E/F Eqiad
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Had a brief chat with Willy and the WMCS guys earlier about dedicating two racks in the new cage for cloud services.

Basically any currently empty cabs should do.

Possibly E3/F3 or E4/F4 would be good. Whatever is allocated I'd try to do it like that, one from E and one from F, with same location in each row.

There will be some cabling, via the patch panels, through to the old cage from the switches in those cabs once confirmed. I'll raise another task for that.


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cmooney claimed this task.

@Jclark-ctr updated the other ticket to say we'd go with E4/F4 for these.

updated task for new cage Rack E4,F4 will be dedicated for WMCS