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Does the 'dumps' project need NFS?
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I've just moved dumps from the centralized NFS server to a project-local server named 'dumps-nfs-1'.

Since I'm looking at this anyway... does dumps really still need NFS? It looks like most of your work has moved onto cinder volumes; I can't tell if nfs is still used for actual sharing/coordination between VMs or if the files there are just leftover from the pre-cinder era.

@Hydriz and @Nemo_bis, Please let me know! I'd definitely prefer to eliminate this new NFS server entirely if that's an option.

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Hi @Andrew, yes the NFS server is being used extensively. The cinder volumes are only used for temporary storage (which we discussed in T274029), so I don't foresee that the NFS setup will go away anytime soon.

However, I noticed that the NFS server is written into puppet, which means that it might be difficult to change/upgrade the NFS server in the future. Will the Cloud Services Team be maintaining this NFS server on our behalf?

Yes, I anticipate maintaining that NFS server. If you plan to keep using it I'll just close this bug.