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"top left corner" in message may be wrong in RTL wikis.
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In MediaWiki:Config-logo-help, the words "top left corner" may be wrong
in RTL wikis. There is a translation hint telling to translate "top left corner"
as "top right corner" with right-to-left scripts, but that is only a vague
guess, not clear enough. Some languages have scripts of both directinalities,
and you can set a wiki up to switch directionality with script or not, or with
any fixed directionality independent of scripts.

I think, the message should be using a more flexible wording, or if known,
the true directionality of the target wiki.

{{#LTR:yes|no}} and/or {{RTL:yes|no}} syntax to messages.

Version: 1.18.x
Severity: trivial



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I'm confused: isn't this something that should be fixed per-language and, thus, something that should be done on TranslateWiki?

No, it is not fixed per language.

Sometimes, the per language approach gives a nice hit rate, since many wikis (if they have a wiki language, and if that language does not have mutiple scripts of different directionality, and if the wiki setup has not choosen something unususal, and the language used during setup happens to be the wiki language, then) language directionality 'governs' the logo placement.

Sometimes not, since otherwise, it may be not so.

Reality is more complex than the theory used to describe it, hence there are loopholes, and if you want to make it right, you have to take all the other things into consideration as well.

Thus, we may want to add an {{#LTR:yes|no}} and/or {{RTL:yes|no}} syntax to messages giving us the true directionality of the wiki at them moment. Note that it may change from one web request to another.

We could as well reword the message making it talk of "... top right corner or top left corner, depending on setup, language, and script, ..." or something the like.

My personal opinion is that we are being overly precise here. Elaborating on the peculiarities of RTL/LTR is confusing to whomever is reading it; they just expect it to work. If anything, we should simplify this message, and remove "left/right" from the message, and/or rephrase it to something like "MediaWiki's default skin includes space for a 135x160 pixel logo above the sidebar menu."[1]

Is there consensus for this?


Yeah, lets make it so.
Actually, I just did it with Amirs consent.