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Rate limit request to Wikibase REST API
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As a Wikidata Product Manager I want a technical possibility of limiting the rate at which clients use the Wikibase REST API so that it is possible to prevent single client to generate more load on the API than intended.

Using the similar rate limiting mechanism Action API uses might be sufficient here.

Start to investigating the following question

  1. What is the rate limiting mechanism in Mediawiki (Action API): e.g. is there different treating of logged in and anonymous clients, does the client being a "bot" user influence a rate limits allowance

Questions likely superseded by the ongoing engineering effort of a WMF team and not to be investigated currently:

  1. Is there rate limiting mechanism in Mediawiki REST API? If so, can it already be used in Wikibase REST API?
  2. If there is no rate limiting in MW REST API, identify the rate limiting logic in Wikibase/Mediawiki Action API (e.g. method in base class, classes relevant for it)

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