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Does not display any more the information associated with the Wikidata item during the depict selection
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ISA bug 2.png (862×1 px, 215 KB)

ISA bug.png (862×1 px, 331 KB)
List of steps to reproduce (step by step, including full links if applicable):

  • Go to a campaign
  • Go to an image and try to enter a depict in the search box
  • Observe what is being displayed in the drop down menu

What happens?:

A group of users recently reported to me a change in the way the tool operate. They noticed this change a few months ago (May ? June ? )
The issue concerns the moment where the participant type the first letter of a word in the search box in the depict area.

The previous behavior was that typing a few letters would make a list of Wikidata entries appear, and each Wikidata entry would be completed with the short description from Wikidata.

For example, if the person was typing « Tre », it would display several entries about « Tree », but there would be
Tree > Perennial woody plant
Tree > Heraldic Figure
Tree > Disambigation

So the participation could select exactly the correct Wikidata item.

This is how it worked on ISA previously, just as it currently works on Wikimedia Commons.

This behavior changed.

When the user type « Tre », the Wikidata elements are displayed without the description
So the results come out

The participant has NO WAY to chose the correct tree. So in effect, it made the tool very difficult to use as there is a very high risk to put the wrong Wikidata depict

I join a screenshot of ISA and of Commons for the depict addition to show what I mean.

What is very strange is that the initial way the tool operated was WITH the description.

Event Timeline

Change 763704 had a related patch set uploaded (by Sebastian Berlin (WMSE); author: Sebastian Berlin (WMSE)):

[labs/tools/Isa@master] Fix descriptions not showing up in depicts search

This was a by product of me cleaning up code and getting it wrong. The patch causing this was done in November last year.

Sebastian_Berlin-WMSE changed the task status from Open to In Progress.Feb 18 2022, 11:01 AM
Sebastian_Berlin-WMSE moved this task from Backlog to In progress on the ISA board.

Change 763704 merged by jenkins-bot:

[labs/tools/Isa@master] Fix descriptions not showing up in depicts search