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{{anchorencode:}} removes text between < and >
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Author: jelle.zijlstra

This is problematic because [[:en:Template:Cite doi]] uses anchorencode to encode its DOIs, and DOIs with <> in it get butched. I think this is a recent change in the way anchorencode works, but I'm not sure about that.

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10 years later, this is still an issue. Consider a section like

== version <= 42 and version > 24 ==

You can link to the section like [[#version <= 42 and version > 24]] or [[#version_%3C=_42_and_version_%3E_24]], the latter is actually produced by the __TOC__ (assuming $wgFragmentMode='html5'). But if you put {{anchorencode:}} into play, it fails terribly:

[[#{{anchorencode:version <= 42 and version > 24}}]][[#version_24]]

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