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Fuzzybot should include Change-Id in edit summary when importing patch from Gerrit to
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Feature summary:
Include a Change-Id to corresponding patch in Fuzzybot's edit summary when importing changes from Gerrit to

Use case(s) :
Sometimes translator need to find the reason why English version of a system message is changed on, and they have to clone mediawiki/core (or some other repo if it is a message for an extension), go to en.json and use git blame to find out the corresponding commit. If the Change-Id is included inside the edit summary when Fuzzybot import it (rather than "Importing a new version from external source"), it will be helpful for translator.

Quickly determine which patch cause a changes of system message on

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Cloning the repo is not necessary, as Gitiles can also do blame. Adding a reference to the edit summary would still be great, though. (I’d maybe use commit hash instead of Change-Id, as that can be used for projects stored on e.g. GitHub instead of Gerrit, and even for projects that are stored in Gerrit, one can search for the hash also in replicas on GitHub or Phabricator, while the Change-Id is meaningful only within Gerrit. The advantage of Change-Id is that it doesn’t change with new change sets, but there are no new change sets after merge anyway.)

We don't known which commit causes the changes. Our workflow is git pull followed by 3-way comparison to determine changes.

I suggest using with online blame as workaround.

When you pull, you know what patch or patches you just pulled, don’t you? I think even listing all possible patches would be useful, although the software (where is it, by the way? I couldn’t find any Git-related stuff in rETRA ) could do the git blame just as well as Gitiles (and it could do at that state, which is useful in case the message changes multiple times over time).

See The process which does the processing is separate from the repository management and it doesn't know anything about current or previous version other than the file contents.