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Undertake Wikimedia Ukraine 2022 AGM elections on SecurePoll
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I didn't see a task for this so just tracking this here too. Wikimedia Ukraine (WMUA) intends to hold their AGM elections, usually performed in-person, on votewiki. This was performed in 2021 as well.

The coordination for this is happening offline but I wanted to track here since it is quite close to the UCoC ratification vote.

Preliminary schedule:

  • ??? — deploy votewiki interface language change to Ukrainian
  • ??? — the votes
  • ??? — deploy votewiki interface language change to English

The election set ups are to occur before and during the election day by designated people.


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Event Timeline

Status at the moment - elections are created in votewiki (for the board and for the audit committee) using data from 2021. Patches are in place and ready to be deployed in relation to this election, most notably T301046: SecurePoll should support setting time for vote start and end since the election will start and end on the same day.

There will also be a patchset for changing the interface into Ukrainian, similar to what was performed for T292685: Carry out the 2021 fawiki elections on votewiki. To my knowledge this hasn't been written yet but should be a simple config change.

There will also be a patchset for changing the interface into Ukrainian, similar to what was performed for T292685: Carry out the 2021 fawiki elections on votewiki. To my knowledge this hasn't been written yet but should be a simple config change.

Is this really needed? Ukrainian uses an LTR (left to right) script, so I don't think leaving the vote page in English would be of any concerns. I believe changing the language of votewiki should be limited to RTL and LTR conflicts only, such as the one which happens between English (LTR) and Persian (RTL).

@4nn1l2, Ukrainian uses Cyrillic, which is left to right just as English is, but most Wikimedia Ukraine members are not fluent enough in English so it would be very preferable to have the interface in Ukrainian. Unfortunately because of how votewiki works people cannot just select Ukrainian in their preferences. In any case the plan is to switch it to Ukrainian today, on Thursday, and switch it back to English on Monday (the meeting itself is on Sunday), so no disruption for other people is likely to be caused.

@Base, I'm not opposed with changing the language of votewiki. Of course, you can do that, but I think that creates a bad precedent. Please note that the voting itself (questions and options) will be in Cyrillic in an case. The only thing which is under question is just some boring sidebar and such. Please see which shows a Persian Wikipedia elections in an LTR environment. If Persian can do that, Ukrainian should be definitely able to do that since Ukrainian, unlike Persian, has no conflicts at all with English. As you noted above, both of them are LTR.

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We will need the changes in due time, but now we have to postpone the meeting because martial law is now in power.

Please priortise your safety, of course. I'm so sorry this is happening

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@jrbs, as we have somewhat adjusted to the new reality our country is in, we would like to move forward with the AGM this year, and thus the question of undertaking the secret ballot elections via SecurePoll is on the agenda again for us.

We would like to know when it would be possible to use votewiki given already known constraints (enwiki, fawiki arbcom elections, zhwiki elections etc). We are interested in either a Saturday or a Sunday in second half of October or onwards this year, though given that we would prefer to set up Ukrainian as the interface language for the duration of the election we might need to book the wiki for 4 days or so so that we can use the standard backport deploy windows for the config changes.

P. S. I have also revived the email thread we had about this with some more details there.

I hope you're all safe, first of all.

Second, I think this should be fine. We have a few uses for SecurePoll in that time but I think the major ones are:

  • October 2–16: zhwiki admin election (T318147)
  • Late October-early November: fawiki election (no task yet but similar to T292685)
  • Late November to Mid-December: enwiki ArbCom (wiki)

I think this would mean you can likely use some time in early to mid November or mid-late October, depending on how complex this needs to be. The last WMUA election was complicated because it used a tally system that was unusual, so we would need to revisit the email to work out how we should do that this time.

@Base I don't see the revived email chain right now. Could you please send it fresh to T&S if possible?

@jrbs , I have just sent an updated version of the email into a new thread

To update here in comments, we are aiming for a voting day of Sunday, November 13. I have set up the two elections now using the parameters from last year, and will add the voter list momentarily

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Per email, we are putting this on hold again for now. Wishing nothing but the best for the people of Ukraine.