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Add other user links in Campaign Dashboard application
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Feature summary:
In the Campaign Dashboard we would like to have additional user related links available besides the currrently available sandboxes, and edits. We would like to have the following additonal links available: User page, User talk page, send e-mail. This would avoid redundant clicking to external Wikipedia screens or manual navigating to the user related pages, by further editing the Wikipedia URL.

Use case(s):


  • User convenience
  • Simple software change
  • No further impact

Event Timeline

Pinging @Ragesoss to bring the feature request to his attention..

Noted, thanks! It presents a little bit of a design challenge, as the current table can't easily fit extra links, and I also want to be wary of making the interface too complex and crowded. But it might be worth it, as additional links would definitely be useful in some cases.

You might choose to only implement the User page and the User talk page link (which are the most important). Sending an e-mail could be done indirectly via the User edits page; and this is only available for users that have activated their e-mail address. This would require only a single additional click.

I am executing edit-a-thons on a weekly basis, and I often need to contact participants for which I often only know their pseudoniem; often without having physical contact in those COVID-times. So any functionality that allows making it easy to contact participants is very welcome.

I believe that Education-Program-Dashboard might be a better tag... (already present) -- so you might remove Outreach-Programs-Projects?