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Create namespaces Page and Index for Esperanto Wikisource
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Author: michelcastelobranco

Please create new namespaces Page and Index for Esperanto Wikisource, in order to use Extension:Proofread Page. The local names would be Paĝo (for Page) and Indekso (for Index). The extension is already installed and all messages of this extension are translated in [[betawiki:]]. Thanks.

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Severity: enhancement



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I've changed title and importance tags to reflect the issue more precisely.

Configuration to add/change:

'eowikisource' => array(
    'Paĝo' => 104,
    'Paĝo-Diskuto' => 105,
    'Indekso' => 106,
    'Indekso-Diskuto' => 107,

In short, a 2 minutes job.

Such requests are indeed vital for Wikisource...

removing keyword easy. Easy denotes things a new developer could do. Adding a new namespace requires shell access, newbies don't have shell access, therefor its impossible for a shell bug to be "easy".

As an aside, proofread page extension should probably be designed to handle these situations better... but I suppose that is a separate issue.

Probably maintenance/namespaceDupes.php should be run after adding the namespaces, since there are already existing pages with such titles.