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"Marked as read"-message does not parse the title the same way "titles" are (blocks like <gallery> should not expand)
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Title says it all, see next attachments.
(can't add it right away as BugZilla will eat it)

Version: unspecified
Severity: major
See Also:
T29921: HTML escaped when marking thread as read from Special:NewMessages



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Before (good)

before I click the button we see the normal title as parsed correcly. <gallery> is not exanded.


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After (bad)

After clicking the button, we see the "Marked as read" version, which screws it up.


  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 27921 ***

Ops... It is not the same problem.

But the problems are likely on LiquidThreads/newmessages.js.

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No bugs here...

I'm not able to reproduce this.


Re-opening, you're not performing the same action as I did in the screenshot. The ajax-markAsRead is working fine. I'm testing the form POST fallback which is used for slow connections, broken script scenario's or large queues.

See the screenshot that I posted (attachment 8340).

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LiquidThreads has been replaced by StructuredDiscussions on all Wikimedia production wikis (except one, which will be done soon). It is no longer under active development or maintenance, so I'm re-classifying all open LQT tasks as "Lowest" priority.

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