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Provide a way to easily affect content rendering
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Currently it is not easily to affect content rending with hooks, because the hooks that are available also modify the content in a way that shows up in diffs, pre-fillings of MediaWiki namespace pages and what else.

Version: 1.18.x
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This issue blocks the resolved bug 28301. Does this mean this issue should be closed/wfm now because it was resolved without us paying attention?

olivier.beaton wrote:

Could this be considered equivalent to the question of how to properly hook article content pre-parse wikitext?

If so, adding metadata, perhaps to $parser->getOptions() that let you know what the item you were parsing was, (not the title of the page the item is found on) would go a long way to making ParseBeforeStrip more useful.

There are multiple problems with this, some of which I gave in the description.

olivier.beaton wrote:

The ArticleAfterFetchContent is not bad,
it gives you a $article and $content before wikitext is parsed. You can use $article->getContext()->getRequest->getVal('action', 'view') to then determine how the content will be used.

I've havent checked every type (diffs for examples) but you may be able to differentiate between those and a standard viewing.

No I don't want to change the content, I want to change the display of the content, and only normal page views.

olivier.beaton wrote:

That's what I'm talking about. If you hook ArticleAfterFetchContent and check that 'action' === ('view' || 'purge' || 'print') you only change the display. True you have to change the cached display (you can invalidate the cache), but you can't win at everything.

Of course a better hook that gets called every time would be nice (but provide a bigger performance impact). Or a hook where we don't have to constantly tweak for the types of display/export MW is doing.

That's exactly the point, I don't want to do any action === foobarbaz checks and update the list all the time. I also don't want affect the content, because if user edits it will mess up saves.

I wonder if this is now easily possible with ContentHandler?