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Introduce setting to decide whether desktop talk page sections are collapsed/expanded by default
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Some talk pages are filled with a large amount of activity.

On these pages, a single discussion can span the height of a person's full desktop/laptop computer screen[i][ii][iii], making it difficult for them to see what other topics are being discussed on a given page without having to do a significant amount of scrolling.


As someone who uses Wikipedia on a desktop device and encounters talk pages with large amounts of activity while reading and/or contributing to Wikipedia, I want to be able to decide to have talk page discussions (read: sections) collapsed by default, so that I can more easily see and understand all of the topics being discussed on a given page.



Prospective designs can be found in F34957121.


i. vi.wik: Wikipedia:Thảo_luận
ii. Wikipedia:互助客栈/方针
iii. Wikipedia: Village pump (proposals)

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Difficulties with section collapsing:

  • MobileFrontend has already implemented section collapsing, and we'd need to make sure any changes we make to the output don't interfere with it's transforms (either limiting when they're applied, or changing MF's behavior; MF uses a per-page-load reformatting hook for which we'd want to review performance)
  • Gadgets on talk pages might need to be updated to cope with different markup / behavior
  • Design complexity around pages that mix talk and non-talk sections (though this applies in general to all our section-level metadata)
  • UX complexities:
    • following a link to a comment will seem broken to someone with collapsed-sections
    • in-page search is broken with collapsed sections (including the Chrome link-to-highlight thing e.g.)

As an aside, I do think that section collapsing and the new floating-sidebar TOC plans are rather redundant. (With the floating TOC dodging these issues, mostly by virtue of not needing to meddle in the article content.)

ppelberg renamed this task from Add support for section collapsing on desktop talk pages to Introduce setting to decide whether desktop talk page sections are collapsed/expanded by default.Thu, Jun 2, 12:18 AM

Maybe this ticket ought to/can be merged with T269954?