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Coordinator is still showing on Partner page despite being un-set in /admin
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At, user Darafsh is still displaying as the coordinator for this partner. This is despite the fact that at no coordinator is selected. The message on the partner page should therefore say that the TWL Team will coordinate.

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can I get to know more about it ? can I get some more info plz

Hi @Samwalton9 ,
Since this is my very first backend issue, could you please guide me on how to proceed? It would be very kind from your end.

Hi @Ankit18gupta you'll need to investigate this one yourself, I'm not sure exactly what the problem is. Anyway, here is some guidance on where to look.

The page I'm referring to is generated by this template:

The View code for this page can be found here:

It may not be obvious what the bug is, I have no idea what the root problem is.

Samwalton9 moved this task from Backlog to Library backlog on the Moderator-Tools-Team board.