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Enable ORES in RecentChanges for Hindi Wikipedia
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Please enable the edit filters in RecentChanges related to ORES for Hindi Wikipedia. We just completed a successful deployment of a model in ORES and it looks like it is ready for use.

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@Psingh07 & @Nikhil1194, can you link to the posts you made on Hindi Wikipedia discussing ORES?


The Product Dept reached out to me about enabling ORES in Hindi wikipedia's Recent Changes. They have two issues they need resolved:

  1. In the past they have turned this on for new models only to receive feedback that the community did not want it. They are hesitant to turn on ORES for Hindi Wikipedia's recent changes without evidence that the community actually wanted that done. Is there a discussion or email thread I can send them that demonstrates that the Hindi Wikipedia community wants ORES turned on for the Recent Changes page?
  1. If you have any concrete configs for setting the RCFilter? This is what the Product folks are using but they aren't confident they are right.
  1. FWIW, I'm only aware of one community who might have not wanted ORES (German Wikipedia) but that was never explored to my recollection. I don't think there was ever a discussion and the ORES filters were never made available there through RCFilters, but there was a somewhat substantial cohort who did the labeling work. I've asked my collaborators to link to the discussions they have started on Hindi Wikipedia above. @1997kB is the contributor who notified us when the labeling campaign was finished. They might be aware of more details regarding interest from Hindi Wikipedians.
  1. The team that built RCFilters (Collaboration Team --> ?? --> Growth Team) has set their own criteria for choosing thresholds. I've only helped them implement their criteria or commented on why their criteria for thresholds is hard to match in some cases in the past. If someone would like to develop a script to emit a configuration in a predictable and consistent way, I'm happy to advise about how to make the best use of ORES' threshold statistics. It looks like @Tgr's post is a good start.

There was a consensus on hiwiki village pump when initial talks were started ( and even with labelling campaign ( contributors of community participated actively.

In general I believe it's a nice addition and community (including myself) would love to see this on Hindi Wikipedia.

Awesome, thanks for this. I'll loop in the growth team.

@DMburugu @MShilova_WMF it sounds like it's on Growth to implement the thresholds; not sure when we will find time for that, but should probably happen after Gergő is back.

Thanks for the links, @1997kB.

@kostajh @DMburugu @MShilova_WMF -- the way @calbon and I talked about it, we agreed that the Machine Learning team should own and govern the thresholds moving forward. So for these Hindi models, what we want to do is set the thresholds with the ML team together, so that they can take it over for the future.

I agree we can wait until @Tgr is back. @MShilova_WMF, could you please make sure we revisit this task in the weekly planning email for April 11?

@MMiller_WMF , Yes. I added a calendar reminder about this and will remind you to include that for the weekly email on April 11th before you send it out.

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